What is the Metaverse?

There is no doubting the fact that the emergence of metaverse has made lots of headlines both online and offline. According to experts, this is one sign to show that technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. This may sound unbelievable but it is gradually coming to reality in our everyday lives.

Are you wondering what metaverse is all about? Do you know that this is the future of the internet given all of its impressive features? There is no need to bother though because you have come to the right place. This post will be revealing everything about the metaverse. Ensure to read the details from start to finish in order to find out why this innovation is taking the internet by storm.

What the Metaverse Is All About?

In simple terms, metaverse is a technology that attempts to create a digital universe where people can live. It is like people being able to connect and interact with one another without any restriction. In order for this to happen, it makes use of various technological elements like augmented reality, virtual reality, and even video. Users in such a digital world can play, walk, and remain connected. There is no limitation as to how people can interact and communicate with one another. According to many IT experts, this is the next internet that will take the world by storm.

Of course, we have seen numerous innovations in the past. These could be the emergence of search engines, VOIP, real-time streaming, peer-to-peer, Wi-Fi, and many others. There was even the introduction of block chain technology which changed many things. Although these were great developments, none can compare to what metaverse has got to offer. It is definitely a game-changer. You can see the metaverse as a digital world where augmented reality has been created. It is a world with features of virtual reality. People can watch their favorite concerts, play games, browse store shelves, and do other cool stuff without having to leave their homes. Have you ever imagined all of these would be possible?

Normally, the traditional internet world can be said to have two dimensions – images and text. Of course, these tend to exist on flat screens and computers. However, metaverse can even do more. This is why many experts consider it to be 3-dimensional. It is also expected to include multi-sensory features. The truth about the metaverse is that it will blow your mind given the world it is expected to create. Its whole idea has been brought into life as a result of a fiction novel entitled “Snow Crash” written by Neal Stephenson.

This work succeeded in painting the picture of avatars that were lifelike meeting in 3D buildings as well as other virtual reality surroundings. Since then, the idea of metaverse started to gain momentum. These brought about suggestions about how a real metaverse can be created. There are even some games that have given us a glimpse of what it is expected to look like. These could be Minecraft, fortnight, Roblox and Fortnite. For instance, Minecraft gives you the chance to interact with other players and build a world of your own. With the right mods and shader packs, you can easily customize your environment. All of these are only pointers to the fact that the metaverse is very possible. It is only a matter of time before this idea can become a reality.

The companies that have designed and programmed these games have huge ambitions of being an integral part of metaverse development. Even major brands like Microsoft and Facebook are beginning to stake their claims on this powerful innovation that will change how the internet works. There is something about VR technology that most people don’t know yet. This is the fact that right now, it is used in solving complex problems. It isn’t something that people are doing for fun. It is like putting something on your head without seeing what the real world is like.

The good part is that all of these are expected to change as the metaverse is bringing some amazing features that have never been seen before. These will be used by all and sundry. It is like going round the entire universe while remaining in one spot. One of the ways that Facebook has used in staking a claim to this technology/innovation is having to change its name to “Meta”.

Microsoft is beginning to give it a thumbs up by trying to ensure that users of its devices have access to all of its features.

Amongst the various social media platforms on the internet, Snapchat seems to have a feature that makes it closer to Metaverse. Its connected lenses are AR-based, a typical example.

Is The Metaverse Possible?

Given all of the features that metaverse has claimed to have, there are lots of people who are asking whether it is even possible. Most of the tech platforms on the internet are explaining the theory that this innovation is expected to exist on. There is a lot of buzz about metaverse including what it can offer the world. Most of these experts can stop talking about its potential.

However, despite all of these awareness and publicity, there is still one major question that many doubters have been asking. This is whether the metaverse is actually possible. Believe it not, there are more people doubting this innovation as compared to those who believe. 

Despite being painted with all the positive statements, there are lots of people who doubt whether it is possible. The answer to this question is “yes”. However, what isn’t possible is one company controlling the metaverse as many are thinking. Of course, the internet is highly decentralized. It has remained like this over the years and isn’t going to change anytime soon. Companies like Facebook and Microsoft are only trying to become part of whatever metaverse has got to offer end-users. They will not be the metaverse itself.

Don’t forget that as explained above, metaverse is like the internet. It is expected to be highly decentralized. In the past, many major corporations have controlled the internet in various ways. One of such could be through contents that are created. 2D internet was successful due to being controlled by organizations like World Wide Web Consortium. However, we may not see the same with the metaverse. This alone can create lots of problems according to experts. Problems like these have only increased the doubt about the possibility of metaverse. Some of them will be explained below.

Deciding the Standards of Metaverse

It is no secret that WC3 oversees the present internet itineration. Tim Berners-Lee has never had any plans of monetizing the popular World Wide Web that individuals, companies and other organizations/entities are enjoying today. While we can talk about the internet and its creators, such can’t be possible for the metaverse. In fact, there is no creator that is presently linked to the creation of the metaverse.

What we are only hearing is based on rumors. As a matter of fact, metaverse has been accused of lacking any kind of standard. It may be trying to copy interactive games like Minecraft and Fortnite as explained above. However, it is still very far from becoming a reality. There are some experts who explained that even if it comes to pass, there could be lots of confusion since it presently lacks a uniform standard.

How fast Are The Standards Going To Be Updated?

This is another question that makes the idea of metaverse coming into existence seem difficult or impossible. Current web standards are known to update in a slow and steady manner. There is a drawback to this – innovation will be slowed down to a great extent. On the other hand, faster updates will encourage innovations.

At the moment, no one knows the standard that metaverse is going to operate based on. It is basically all about adopting a practice that will ensure innovation is maximized.

Putting All of These Together

Having said the above, it is obvious that the emergence of metaverse is around the corner. It may have some question marks that are yet to be answered. However, like every other innovation, it is not expected to be 100% perfect. Everything will fall into place as the years are going by. According to Mark Zuckerberg, Meta CEO, it will take around 5-10years before the features of metaverse will become a reality for everyone.

However, there are currently some features or aspects of this innovation that are existing like virtual reality headsets, and Ultra-fast broadband speeds. These are only setting the stage for the metaverse to takeover and bring virtual reality closer to people. We are gradually approaching the era when everyone can easily connect with one another via this technology. It is like a dream come true especially for those who have been yearning for more after exploring the World Wide Web technology.

There are too many signs that technology is about to take another major step which many people never imagined in the past. The emergence of metaverse technology is sooner than you are thinking.

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