What is Web 3 and what can you do with it?

There is every reason to believe that the emergence of web 2.0 has managed to redefine the internet in many ways. For instance, it focused on interoperability, participatory culture, ease of use, user-generated content and many more. Generally speaking, it laid more emphasis on creativity and improved user experience.

Despite these amazing features, the advent of web 3.0 promises to be more amazing. Do you know that web 3.0 is an upgrade of all these? Are you aware that this is even going to show how far the internet has advanced over the years? This post is going to reveal everything about web 3.0 including what it means for the world of internet. 

What Is Web 3.0?

With the introduction of web 3.0, there is every reason to believe that web 1.0 and web 2.0 have phased out. It is the new internet breed that is aiming to have the digital world decentralized. This is a virtual world that is expected to be powered by blockchain and cryptocurrencies. There are lots of exciting features of web 3.0 that make it standout. For instance, users can intelligently interact as well as collaborate. Also, it promises to be a web evolution that isn’t just less biased but equally inclusive. The reason is because its major resource has been blockchain technology.  

At the moment, many people see cryptos as just another platform for investment. However, the advent of web 3.0 has shown that it can play a much bigger role in how the internet evolves. For the first time ever, cryptocurrencies will become more popular than they are. It is an upgrade of whatever web 2.0 has been known to offer especially in the aspect of features. 

Having said all of the above, the bottom line is that web 3.0 centers on smart ways through which information can be accessed. At the moment, accessing information and content is quite centralized. You can’t do much without the presence of brands like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Bing and many others. However, web 3.0 is expected to bring more democratization and transparency.  It is a term that has been used in describing how the World Wide Web is expected to evolve in the next coming years. 

This will be an era in which search engines are expected to produce results based on the search context of users. It is an evolution where there won’t be any single authority. Rather, it is going to possess some peer-to-peer features.  

Features of Web 3.0 

Web 3.0 has been making headlines recently. This is due to the features that it can offer users of the internet. Some of these will be explained below to enable you to understand how this new technology has been designed. 

Unstoppable Domains

It may shock you to know that this is the most notable feature of web 3.0. With this decentralized web browser, it will become very easy to have access to a web that is completely decentralized. Just as mentioned above, there are some brands that are currently associated with the World Wide Web. They wield lots of power and have great influence on your browsing experience.  

Unstoppable domains is a kind of browser that will function based on blockchain technology. The goal is to ensure that browsers have an immersive experience while exploring the internet. Through this feature, we are looking forward to a decentralized internet. It doesn’t just promise a higher level of individual freedom. Also, there is enhanced data security. 

You will notice that at the start of this post, it was revealed that web 3.0 is going to focus on user privacy, Internet-of-Things, and online freedom. All of these can only become a reality through unstoppable domains. 

Artificial Intelligence 

You may want to argue that web 1.0 and web 2.0 have artificial intelligence in place already. However, don’t forget that these have got flaws. For instance, they both lack the ability to carry out natural language processing. This has been a major problem over the years. With the advent of web 3.0, such is expected to change. For the first time, computers will be processing information just like humans. 

This will be done in a very high level of accuracy. In other words, computers have not just become much faster. Also, they are more accurate when it comes to providing relevant results. In the end, users’ needs will be met without any compromise. Imagine being able to get exact results for searches you are making online. 

3D Graphics 

It is no secret that even web 2.0 lacks graphics that browsers can consider to be highly interactive and engaging. This has only limited lots of users to a great extent. Given the 3D animation features that web 3.0 is expected to bring, most experts have predicted that it will easily win the heart of online surfers and organizations. 

This is because websites will embrace its technology more given the benefits that it tends to offer. In terms of graphics, it is expected that web 3.0 will take the World Wide Web to another level entirely in a way that most people never imagined was possible. The pictures are crisp and clear. These can’t be written off when it comes to elements that make up the ultimate browsing experience.


In the aspect of 100% connectivity, it can be said that web 2.0 is lagging behind. This is evident in how numerous devices can’t be connected to the internet. Although this may not seem like a serious problem, it makes information/content inaccessible. Web 3.0 is expected to improve this aspect of the World Wide Web in many ways. 

For instance, we are gradually heading towards the era when you can easily access the internet regardless of your device or location. This is made possible through the emergence of web 3.0. It brings the web closer to everyone. There is no limitation with regard to how much you can explore the internet unlike what former versions of World Wide Web have offered in the past. 


This is another common feature that web 3.0 promises to bring. What we are experiencing in the era of web 2.0 is some companies wielding too much power in the digital world. They determine content that browsers are exploring on a daily basis. Web 3.0 is going to change this aspect that browsers have been complaining about. 

For instance, it is characterized by a permissionless and decentralized system. It is expected to maintain a system that is based on a high level of transparency. This means there won’t be any central authority monitoring your online activities. In other words, there isn’t going to be any kind of central controlling node. You are free to post any kind of content on the web without needing permission from companies. This is the kind of decentralization and transparency that web 3.0 promises to enable browsers experience firsthand. 

Is Web 3.0 Possible?

Right now, there seems to be too many headlines about web 3.0 including its amazing features. The question that most people are asking is the possibility of this technological upgrade becoming a reality. There is no doubt that this innovation sounds too good to be true. If you must know, it hasn’t started existing yet. However, it is still important to understand that its emergence is around the corner. For instance, there are some applications that support web 3.0 technology which people and organizations are using without knowing. 

Companies like IBM and Apple are investing heavily in technologies that support such an innovation. Even Google isn’t left out as it has succeeded in acquiring semantic web companies like Metaweb technologies and applied semantics. Given all of these, it is possible to say that its existence isn’t far away. This is because there are 4 technologies that can make such possible. These could be social web, 3D Web Technology, decentralized technology, and semantic web. At the moment, these elements are existing. It is simply about putting them together. 

Is Web 3.0 Necessary?

Technologically, the world is advancing at such an incredible pace. The digital world needs to move with such trends or be left behind. There are lots of reasons why web 3.0 is necessary than most people are even thinking. Just like blockchain, it is going to be striving for transparency and openness which the World Wide Web has been yearning for. Apart from this, it is expected to add more credibility to cryptocurrencies. 

Of course, there are many governments that have kicked against the use of cryptocurrencies claiming it is “illegal”. A typical example of such is China. However, the emergence of web 3.0 will make cryptocurrencies more popular and credible. Through this, many companies may even decide to use such technology as their primary means of payment. 

Again, web 3.0 is necessary due to the ultimate browsing experience that it promises. This comes with 100% freedom and decentralization. There won’t be anyone monitoring your activities on the internet. Best of all, you will be at liberty to explore any content of your choice.

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